– A bread that’s good for you
– The « Aliment Québec » certification
– A pledge of quality
– An environmentally responsible entrepreneur
– A healthy flour made from Quebec wheat

We are committed to offering the best bread on the market as well as the best service in the industry.

We are proud to offer retailers and consumers a bread that is healthy and locally-produced. All our breads are made with flour that comes from Quebec wheat, and contains no pesticides or chemical agents. This wheat is ground and aged at the Soulanges mill in the Valleyfield region. The fact that every step in making our bread takes place in Quebec, thus reducing greatly all transport-related resources, makes the operation environmentally friendly. The only baker with the « Aliment Québec » certification, Auger offers a bread that contains less chemicals and is more ecological, with the best nutritional value, a great taste and a texture that is favorably comparable to commercial breads.

Taste the Auger difference today by savouring one of our breads !