Founded in St-Jérôme in 1949 by Mr. Adrien Auger, the bakery was acquired in 2006 by Raymond Talbot and his son Guillaume, who merged their own bakery, Renaud, founded in 1983. This strategic gesture allows the two Québec companies to position themselves Facing the multinationals by proposing a healthy alternative to the sliced breads that one finds on the shelves.

At this time when industrial sliced bread is the norm, Auger’s people are betting that Quebecers will be happy to find a loaf that offers the mellowness and texture of a conventional sliced bread produced from non-flour Bleached and untreated, therefore more natural, and which comes from wheat grown in Quebec. This is a wise decision because Auger breads are fast becoming a benchmark for consumers looking for a product that is good for taste, health, the environment, and for the local economy.

“You have to know how to be innovative and proactive, and get ahead of the expectations of customers,” summarizes Guillaume Talbot, general manager of the company. “The healthy turn is important for Auger, as is our adoption of a philosophy of sustainable development and food sovereignty. Our bread is healthy, it is good, and it makes our land work, as well as people from here. We are extremely proud of that. ”

Boulangerie Auger has approximately 75 employees, mostly based at its head office in St-Jérôme, and operates with about twenty distributors throughout the province. Our entire team is actively involved in developing and marketing the best products in the industry and maintaining the highest level of service recognized by our customers as the best in the industry.