Can I buy bread directly from the Lanthier Bakery?

Lanthier Bakery is a production and wholesale bakery. Individuals can buy bread from a Lanthier Bakery salesman for special occasions, fund raising, large parties, etc. Lanthier Bakery’s toll free number is 1-888-525-4981. Office hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to noon, 1pm to 4:30pm.

How do I contact Lanthier Bakery to order bread or become a client?

Call the toll free number 1-888-525-4981. Lanthier Bakery office hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to noon, 1pm to 4:30pm. Your contact information will be taken and a salesman responsible for your area will contact you. Additionally, we can be contacted through the Lanthier Bakery web site or directly at

Where does the Betty name come from?

Originally, Lanthier Bakery called the bread ”Deluxe Bread”. In the early 1950′s, the name was changed to “Miss Glen”, representing Glengarry County. Then in 1960, it was decided that the name needed to by modernized and billingual.   A radio promotion was held and clients were invited to send in their suggestions. The winning name was “Betty”.

Do you use fresh yeast or instant yeast?

The Lanthier bakery always uses fresh yeast.

How long does it take to make bread?

Lanthier Bakery uses the same basic traditional method since 1932, a process that takes 6.5 hours from start to finish.

Do you have any egg or milk products in your production facility?

The Lanthier Bakery has no animal or milk products in their production facility.

Where is the Lanthier Bakery bread made?

In 1932, Lanthier Bakery started making bread in Alexandria Ontario, and the specialty bread is still made in Alexandria. In 1985, a second production facility was built in Montreal, Quebec.

Who owns the Lanthier Bakery?

Lanthier Bakery is still wholly owned by the Lanthier family.

What is the best way to store bread?

It is recommended to store bread at room temperature to maintain freshness. Refrigeration tends to make the product lose its moisture and become dry. Surplus product should be stored in the freezer.