Did you know?

Betty is not associated with a Lanthier family member. It was selected as a brand name as part of a radio competition

Lanthier Bakery uses traditional recipes using fresh yeast, which gives the bread a beautiful aroma and texture.

Lanthier Bakery has two factories, one in Alexandria, Ontario and one in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Lanthier Bakery Alexandria factory is in the same location as the original factory created in 1932.

Bread is one of the most economical foods that a person can buy in terms of value for money.

Before plastic bags that are used today, bread used to be packaged in wax paper.

In the first step of making bread, the dough is called a sponge and it rests for 4 hours.

Lanthier Bakery has been proudly owned by the Lanthier family for three generations.

Our clients can order most of our products 48 hours in advance.

When the Bakery was created over 80 years ago, the Lanthier family lived in an apartment above the factory where temperatures would often reach 100F.

Many employees have been with the Lanthier Bakery for over 20 years and even 30 years.

When the Lanthier Bakery was created, bread was delivered door to door by horse and cart.

Family Owned and Operated in Alexandria since 1932

wholesome, healthy and fresh bread available in Ontario and Québec.
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